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Audio Processing

This page lists some of my audio projets. Currently there is only one finished product (MIDI Choir) which I am offering for free. However, I am planning to release more in the future, so check back.

The downloads are packaged each in a zip archive which contains the following files (not necessarily all):

<name>.dll - the VST plugin version
<name>.exe - the stand-alone version
<name>.pdf - the user manual
license.txt - the license agreement

Installation is actually only a matter of copying the files to the right place on your hard disk. No other changes like Registry entries will be made to your system, so you can safely try out any of the plugins.

A note on compatibility

The applications below run on Windows platforms supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions. Mac users may use them via Windows emulation software such as Windows under BootCamp or Virtual PC. The plugins require a host application with a 32 bit VST compatible plugin interface, such as Reaper, Bidule, and many more.

All my plugins run on 32-bit host applications. Sorry, currently there is no 64 bit support, nor support for Mac, Linux, or any other non- Windows platform.

MIDI Choir - a polyphonic MIDI pitch controller: sung input will be reproduced at the pitches corresponding to keys pressed

La Voz Cantante - a 1024-channel vocoder with a built-in optional mini synth and a selection of effects

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